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I know this has been discussed before, but not for a couple of months. I just took out a premium membership, where “global medical insurance” is listed as one of the things you get and was my chief reason for taking it.

I checked on the app and the only thing related to this insurance I could find was under Other -> Insurance, a greyed out section reading “Overseas medical insurance (coming soon) Pay-per-day medical insurance.”

So first it is not included and second, if it was, I’d still have to pay for it. This is very misleading.

Am I simply looking in the wrong part of the app. Is this something different.

If I do have medical cover, how do I access it?

Thanks guys.


Free overseas medical insurance
We’ve focused on delivering the coverage that actually matters to you:

Emergency medical & dental treatment while abroad.
Access to an extensive network of medical centres across the globe.
Rapid Reimbursement paid into your Revolut account
Simple and transparent T&Cs found here.

Thanks Michiell,

I’ll look over this.

Hi @azure_reflection

This should also be useful:

Also see article 31 of the current :r: Premium Terms


31.1. If you are a Premium User, you will, if you qualify, benefit from the Overseas Medical Insurance, provided by White Horse Insurance which is subject to the Policy Documentation.

31.2. For more information, please consult the:

Hello there. Thanks for the link. I am a digital nomad, traveling mainly through Europe. I was initially very excited when I read about Revolut’s health insurance, thinking that it would be a perfect solution for people in my situation.

However, after reading the T&C and all docs, it’s clear that this health insurance is more similar to a travel insurance including just emergencies and stuff. Very nice but pretty basic.

As a suggestion, I would propose that Revolut would consider adding to its borderless banking a borderless medical health insurance covering digital nomads, at least in Europe, where it’s easy and affordable.

I think it would be very well received by a wide percentage of Revolut’s audience, and will offer a competitive advantage over other solutions such as Monzo, Transferwise, N26, etc… and will encourage a lot of nomads like myself to update to premium.

Just my two cents.


Are this T&Cs the same for pay-per-day, non premium members?

Just in case, make sure you read the insurance policy pdf before deciding on going to Revolut Premium because of it: .

Most importantly, it won’t work for digital nomads nor any longer trips. Your Trip has to be no longer than 20 days. (assuming the time of your departure and arrival to Your Home Country.)


@DigitalLeaves Great info. This is precisely why i would consider Revolut. What insurance have you gone with that best suits your needs?

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DigitalLeave - in Europe you are covered by European Health Insurance Card for free. In my opinion health insurance is needed when traveling outside EU.
Ohh I forgot British will need health insurance quickly because UK will be outside Europe in a matter of less than 2 months.

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I’m sorry, but that’s simply not true. When you are no longer a tax resident in your home country (as it’s my case) and you are not contributing to social security, you are not eligible for the EHIC anymore.

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that’s very good to know!

what are digital nomad “tax-free non-residents” options? at least within europe.

@cregox I actually wrote a post about it:

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absolutely awesome, @DigitalLeaves ! :smiley:

i just talked to Brian there, since their FAQ are lacking, and looks like a very good option indeed. all we need to make good use of it is a home country address which we won’t be for more than 4 weeks, and outside the usa - you could include a further hint for this in your post. :wink:

indeed, Revolut should partner up with them.

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Dear Cregox,

Yes! Thank you. Agreed 100%. I actually that would be a good partnership.

The great think about SafetyWing is that you don’t need a “home country” or “home address”, and I think Revolut should seriously consider going that route if they really want to win the battle for the digital banking solution -or banking solution for digital nomads, if you may- against N26 and other providers.


Dear all,

If I will buy Revolut Premium with Travel Insurance will it be insurance only for me or for everybody that are travelling with me?
Of course everybody lives in same country and other requirements (EU Citizen, National Insurance, etc.) are met.

I can’t create new topic and can’t find answer.