Giving up

I tried to feed money into the account twice and twice the money came back to me. I give up. This is not how things should work. Plenty of opportunities to get the same type of money platform without all this hassle.
All I read in the community are " issues" problems" and people unhappy about Revolut. I will simply forget this and the 10 Euro left on the CC. Good luck to everyone else!

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Hey @patvlb :slight_smile:

Don’t! That money is yours! :smile:

Because people only arrive here, like you, when they’re experiencing issues. On the other hand, if you go to Google Play or iTunes, you’ll find an average rating of 4.8/5.0, which tells a different story :wink:

Which account were you trying to top up? Which currency? From what country?

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Hi there. Were these card top-ups or by bank transfer?


These were two transfers into the Lloyds bank with all the necessary details.

The first one was sepa. The second swift. Both came back.

Hey @patvlb :slight_smile:

Which currency was it? :smile:

While I understand your frustration people are more likely to complain than praise the service, Ias well as some friends of mine have been using Revolut for daily transactions and transfers a few months now and I’ve never had a problem with it. While it is true that their customer support could be improved most of the issues here are encountered due to customers not having certain knowledge (like transferring large amounts of money will raise flags and questions will be asked for KYC reasons which is out of Revoluts control)
If topping up via direct debit and swift doesn’t work why not try top up by card?