Giving my wife my spare card for a trip.


My wife is off to Croatia for the weekend and hasn’t got her butt in gear to get her own revolut card.

My thought was that i get her to transfer me her HRK and i load it into a Revolut HRK account.

If i give her my spare card, will it automatically deduct HRK from the HRK account if she is offered the choice of using the local currency on a card machine?

Thanks in advance.

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Great, thanks, i really should have looked a bit harder for that!

But note AFAIAA you can’t hold HRK on Rev yet.

Yeah, i just noticed that.

I will move my funds to another account and add hers to the Domestic one, it should then only deduct her money, leaving mine intact. Unless she over spends!

No i just need to find which one is best to stick my GBP in over the weekend…