Give your pets more, fur less 🐶

Hi everyone!

Why should humans have all the fun? No no, we’re not saying it. Your furry friend called us and told us to drop you a note about it :dog2:

If you are in the UK, this is a perfect opportunity to get an affordable cover for your dogs and cats :cat2:

Get cover when sick, lost or stolen :male_detective:

Choose from three levels of cover; bronze, silver or gold according to your budget and and pick an excess and co-pay amount you’re comfortable with.

24/7 Video call vet access :calling:

Is it late at night? Is it early morning? No matter what time of the day your pet needs help, our secure solution will offer you a free video call with a vet from the comfort of your own home.

Easy profile managing system :scream_cat:

Their in-app profile will let you manage everything in one place. From making a claim to access vet support everything is under your control. You can add your pet’s picture as well in the profile section, how cool is that? :heart_eyes_cat:

So, what are you waiting furrrrrr? Give your pets, the best :dog:

Ps: for other countries, please stay tuned as we are working to expand it :eyes:

Insurance T&Cs apply


Ours are up for renewal soon.

Curious to know if anyone has any experience with Revolut pet insurance? :pray:t3: