Give users the option to store receipts in iCloud/Dropbox


Hey. It would be great if you could implement with Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive so that uploaded receipts could be stored there. The issue today is that if you take a picture of the receipt and attach it to the transaction the attachment disappears as soon as you delete the picture from your phone.



I would prefer Revolut to either implement this themselves and host the images on their own servers, instead of linking it with Google Drive or iCloud/Dropbox.

This is mainly because it creates third party service tie-in that could make the app unusable for certain people using the app. That and I’m not a particular fan of having to have third party services just to store pictures of receipts.

It would be much better if this uploaded to Revolut servers.



It would be optional.

Personally I don’t need another service uploading pictures for me. There are great apps and ui to iCloud/Google Drive/Dropbox which would be hard for Revolut to beat.



Does it not make sense for you to click an upload button within Revolut? Seems a bit silly to involve a third party service, especially since Revolut likes doing things themselves because they prefer doing things well.



I wouldn’t need to. They could upload it for me when i add in the app.

Anyways, in Denmark we have a receipt system that already stores them online if the store participates. More and more stores participate, so maybe it would be better for Revolut to partner with those (at least for me).

Also I use ScannerPro to scan and upload receipts to Google Drive, have never needed the functionality in Revolut.



The advantage of having the option in Revolut is to be able to link the receipt to the spesific transaction



I mean I’d support them building the functionality into the app themselves. For instance, you select the image and it uploads to Revolut servers.



I think Revolut needs to avoid regional things that aren’t strictly necessary to function in a specific country, because their codebase is already large and we don’t want to bulk them down with unneeded integrations. They have more important things to work on. Like choosing the card issuer.



I am all for Revolut doing it themselves, I don’t mind either solution. However, I don’t see the option to choose card is her as a big necessit.



When you market your card as for home and abroad, it needs to work in both markets. Some countries have varying support for MasterCard/Visa/MaestroCard.



ScannerPro app does OCR scanner in different languages on the pdf it generates from the receipt. Which makes the content searchable in Google Drive. It also does some magic to make the text on receipts very readable etc.



This is the main issue. iCloud could be a second options for backup perhaps.