Give us a filter or a separate list of transactions in "Pending" state


I for one happen to have many of them that I expect to be reversed/cancelled and I am worried whether this will happen or not. I am not so much worried about criminal intent – someone intentionally keeping money they should not – as I am aware of how computer systems of different banks and payment prpcessors talk to each other. There are all sorts of possible issues, glitches and bugs there and I don’t want my money to disappear in one of them.

So I keep checking my Pending transactions, and I need to be able to do this easily, not by endessly scrolling and entering each and every transaction to see whether it is Pending or not. The interface should allow us to easily check Pending transactions. Thanks!

(Another thing that is not helping at all is that Revolut deletes records of transactions – I have raised a separate thread about that.)


Agree. I just posted about this yesterday in the Ideas category.