Give at least ten days for a 48 hours delivery service


Very dissaponting experience with Revoult. I joined eight days ago and ordered (and paid 20€ for it) a card to use abroad. What seemed like a good idea has turned into a nightmare. Eight days later I’m still without a card because at Revolut forgot to attach the invoice to the parcel and has been retained at customs but nobody seems to be responsible for it, no card and no refund. The chat is more an exchange of mails with people asking you what you’ve already told them, a lot of cheap words but no solutions. The whole experience has been stressfull and pretty useless. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. What looked like a good idea has tured to be a misserable failure. Sad.


There is no fee for a Revolut card. There is also no commercial value to a card so there is no customs issue within the EEA.


Hi I know there’s no fee for the card, never said that, but I paid 20€ per
card to be delivered in 48 hours and nine days later I’m still waiting. The
reason why it has been stopped at customs is because Revolut forgot to
attach thr invoice to the parcel. Thanks for the answer.


This is indeed a bad customer service. @neil, @AndreasK - would you pick this up with @Pablo please ?



I will contact @Pablo directly.


Andreas K.