Github payments keep failing

I have a Github subscription activated on my Virtual Card, and while one-off payments initiated by me seem to work, automatic renewals by Github keep failing.

I get an email from Github saying this:

We had a problem billing your account

Greetings, XXXXXXXX

This email is to inform you that we’ve received the following error trying to bill your credit card:

Call your payment provider to resolve this issue.

We’ll try billing your credit card again over the next two weeks.

If our next billing attempt fails, Actions and Packages usage will be restricted to the included amounts for your plan.

There is no error printed after the semicolon.

Could someone please look into this please?

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This is a user forum and the only advice that can be given here is to contact :r: through the app or via social media.


Welcome back to our community @Croato :wave:. Our support team will be able to help you with this. :hugs:

Thank you for the help @Graham_Lees. :smiley:

SG | Community Team

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Why do you make it so hard to contact support?

I’ve just tried using the mobile app and I can’t figure it out how to get to the chat :-1:

And I’ve been a user for like 10 years.

Android 10.12.2

  • Click on user icon top left of screen in :r: Home screen
  • Select Help from menu
  • in the Search Box enter chat
  • Select How do I contact Customer Support live agent...
  • review options available…

Couldn’t be easier…

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Thank you for the steps @Graham_Lees. :blush:

I hope this will help you @Croato. :pray:

SG | Community Team

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