Giftable Prepaid Credit Cards

This is probably a rather unusual requirement, but I want to be able to hand out prepaid credit cards to other persons.

Revolut just seems like the perfect business to help with that as you can already order as many physical cards as you want. I absolutely love that. However, it’s against Revoluts TOS to give these cards to other persons.

Reason is that I want to give out cards to a few homeless people and be able to fund that card as needed without having to be able to see the person again (e.g. giving them cash).

Now I can see that this probably won’t be useful for the majority of users. So how would be the ability to create “prepaid cards” which aren’t legally tied to any person and need to be funded manually

These cards could then be ordered for a fee, you can top them up and gift them to persons. You can either delete the card when its empty or top it up another time.

Not sure if this would face any regulatory issues but this would also help transfer money to people abroad by topping up a prepaid card, giving it to the person and they can withdraw cash (for a fee). This would make it a bit cheaper to use Revolut to transfer money world wide in regular intervals instead of using international bank transfers with huge fees.

I don’t know if any money laundering laws would prohibit this, and I’m not sure how many users would benefit from that, but for me this would solve two issues at once.

@moritzroessler Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

Thank you for sharing this idea. While it’s an interesting concept, there are significant regulatory and compliance challenges associated with creating “prepaid cards” not tied to specific individuals. Ordering a card and giving it to other people is currently against our terms due to potential compliance and fraud risks. :pray:

If you have any other suggestions or questions, please feel free to share them with us. :star2:

Veda | Community Team