Ghost "1" Notification on Android App


I’m using Revolut on my Samsung Galaxy S7, and I have a single notification bubble over the app’s thumbnail. When I log in, I see an alert over the More tab, but then nothing else stands out as an issue, i.e. nothing needs actioning.

Is this an attempt to entice the customer to go Premium? It’s a bit annoying if so, but if not, I can’t see where else to clear or resolve the notification/alert.


Did you check the support chat? There might be a message waiting for you?


I am also having this problem. Did you ever get it sorted?


Hi guys,

Just had this issue and I went to the “More” settings and then clicked “Insurance”, after clicking this; it cleared the notification.

Cliff Dylan Ribeiro


I am not sure if this is bug or “intentional” and “annoying” feature. I really hate this. Each time I see that notification bubble on my screen, it raises negative feelings towards Revolut.

Guys, this is really not so smart marketing. Do NOT push notifications like this.


I had same annoying issue for last few months. Got rid of it tonight by going into offers and viewing. It’s a bug as the notification should be visible on “offers”. Read of others having same issue and some solving it in different ways. Seems a simple bug that Revolut should have solved sooner than this.
Hopefully what I tried might help some others.


Are you guys using iOS? Never happened to me on my Android. If it does I can just hold the icon and clear it.


Never happened to me on IOS