Getting the salary in Revolut

So… After 4 years out of EU (bla bla I’m still EU citizen and resident :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) I’m coming back.
I got a job in Poland, Kraków, and I’m flying from Mexico next Friday.
I already got a polish address (aka rent) so I changed this in my account.
I got a local polish details account for PLN. That’s Great!

Is it fine to get the salary in this account? I just want to enjoy my coffee more than spending time in a bank.

Of course. The money will come from a multinational company and I can send in advance payslips/ contract to support team.

I haven’t had any major issue with Revolut in almost 2 years (except forever soon and support sometimes sleeping)

What do you think?

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In my opinion it’s quite risky to put your monthly income in a company which is not a real bank and have only chat and Twitter support. I’ve read many horror stories here with people being left with no money for days, due to various reasons, one of which is slow support.
I don’t know, man… Revolut is cool and all, but as of now, I wouldn’t trust the money I depend on to them.


I personally did receive salary into my Revolut account for some time.

I already had sent in payslips and had the checks done (this was when Revolut had fixed, visible limits in the app) - so not sure how this would be handled now.

I never had a problem with missing payments or any delays processing.

I probably would still be receiving it this way now if Revolut hadn’t recently changed their UK sort codes - I just didn’t want to face the hassle of contacting our payroll department to add the new sort code to their whitelist :joy:

That’s my personal experience - of course as said above, Revolut isn’t a bank yet and so you’d probably need to decide whether the risk is ok for you.

I (again personally) don’t think there’s any particularly inherent risk here but for you to decide

Hope this helps

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make sure to talk with support to increase your limits, or your account will get blocked.


Twitter support doesn’t help at all if you don’t use Twitter or not have an Twitter account. Using a social media platform for support is unacceptable in my opinion - as an extra channel it would be ok if they had more other real channels like phone and e-mail.


Fully agree with you.