Getting started - I can't get past the passcode


So yesterday finally I got to the top of the Waiting List and had an email “Hi Steve, you’ve reached the top of the waiting list! You can now order a Revolut card and spend fee-free in 120 currencies.” I was pretty pleased as I’ll be travelling in a few weeks, so the card will be useful.

I’d already downloaded the app before the email came in. Once I clicked the link in the email it sends me to the app. I type in my passcode and my phone automatically goes back to the home screen.

Whenever I try and open the app, the same thing happens. The correct passcode just closes it.

I tried to reinstall but no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.

It’s an iphone iOS 10.3.3


Hey there @SteveHoi :slight_smile:

This is a known bug :bug: which is currently being fixed :wink:
Currently, the new (hopefully fixed) beta version is being tested before release.


My girlfriends iphone uses the same 10.3.3 operating system, and her app works fine.

Could it be the version of the app that is the problem?


Hey @SteveHol :slight_smile:

I don’t have any idea, there are some :r: employees in the forum taking care of that. They’re running a beta, check the info here:

On the other hand, it seems the problem occurs only when signing up… You could try asking your girlfriend for her to log-out of her :r: app and then following your link and signing you up through her phone (maybe it’ll work :wink:)