Getting spam messages from Revolut


I’m not a Revolut customer. However I keep getting text messages from Revolut telling me that I’m out of balance on my card or that I should buy insurance.

Under GDPR I’d like to get all and any details you hold on me removed from all your systems. But you don’t provide a contact number or email address so that I can request this.

So what can I do?


Eventhough I doubt that the messages come from :r: I’d send you to

Home of the “contact us”
This is a community for clients or interested people.

thanks. they definitely come from Revolut so i suspect a customer has put their phone number in wrong.

the link you posted is great, but reveals the biggest problem I have and why I came here. I don’t have an account so can’t use the app, and if I try to use the chat feature i am told it’s a 5 hour wait and often it times out.

I’m hoping to attract the attention of an employee here so that i can get some help with it

Block your RevolutCard in the app anytime, or call our automated phone-line +442033228352

Try the number on the page maybe.

The only way we are getting notifications are push. Revolut never sends texts aside from the 2FA, as far as I know. :slight_smile: could be a phishing attempt. Could you provide us some screenshots?


I think so, too.
We had that before. Someone posted that he got a message that his investment was very profitable and he should log in.

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No, this is not a phishing attempt, it’s definitely from Revolut as a phishing attempt would include a number to call or a URL. These messages are assuming that I am a customer and want to be contacted.

Screenshot below

There’s no way these messages come from a legit company as Revolut:

  • ?Accounts?
  • […] cancel your subscription (no punctuation)

You need to report this to your phone provider.

You can also block these messages from your phone altogether.

i tried this number but it’s just an automated robot :frowning:

those mis-characters are just how the phone has mixed up the apostrophe. The messages are definitely from Revolut.

I know they are being sent in good faith to an incorrect number. the hugely frustrating thing is the impossibility of getting a phone number with a live person at Revolut. I tried a couple of times with the chat in their app but it just tells me how busy they are and there is a 4 hour wait.

I’ve already registered a complaint with OFCOM as they are failing foul of the telecommunications rules but not providing a number i can call them on to stop these messages.

Revolut customers do not receive such messages. Hopefully OFCOM will find the spammer. @anon33247966 may also be able to confirm if these messages are legit.

Hi there. Really sorry about this. This is definitely not from Revolut. You will need to call your phone services provider and ask to block this number.



Can you please look into this further as I think your answer is incorrect.

When I did sit out the 4 hour wait to talk to someone on your chat system they confirmed that the messages were from them. But then they disappeared from the chat system so couldn’t finish our conversation for some reason.

I just don’t have the willpower to wait another 4 hours to chat to someone.

Or maybe I can DM you a number so that they can telephone me on it.

So did you create an account or not?

No. You can get into the chat feature of your app without creating an account.

and if i try to create one with my phone number it says that an account already exists. i’ve had my phone number since 2012 so it’s not that it belonged to someone else recently

Install the revolut app, then login with your phone number and see who’s the owner of the account!

This is worth a try, but it might not work as planned. The app PIN is not known, to reset the app PIN, digits of a card used for top ups can be used – also not known – and if connected with support, they most likely are going to ask for personal details like birth date to reset the app PIN, which are also not known.

I suggest to write @anon33247966 a DM here in the forum, along with a phone bill that shows that you @yaddayadda are indeed the owner of that phone number. I am sure he can then investigate what’s going on.

That’s right. We’re now in touch via a direct message.