Getting paid in US$


I’m getting paid in US$ from a UK company via their Barclays US$ account.
When I have had this paid in to my Lloyds account previously I lose a lot of money in exchange rates. So I have asked for it to be paid in to my Revolut account. Using the reference and IBAN details on my App.

But, I notice the IBAN is a Lloyds GB account as well. Will the US$ amount in my Revolut account be the same as the amount paid in? Or will Lloyds do their own exchange in to GBP and back, meaning I lose even more money on the exchange?

Also, how long will the transfer take?


If money is sent to you in USD using Revolut’s correct Lloyds account for USD, then you should receive that USD amount without any deductions or conversions. GBP doesn’t come into it.


But there aren’t USD personal accounts yet, are there? Thus only transfer in USD from a bank account in your name would go through in USD…


Yup, the USD accounts aren’t personal ones (yet), so any transfer that’s not in your name will be rejected