Getting cash from ATM with wrong PIN


I have discussed this with the support and will continue today,but I would also like to let others know about that.

It seems like there is a serious security problem/glitch with the cards. Yesterday I went to withdraw cash from the ATM of Mekong Bank in Siem Reap,Cambodia. I accidentally entered the wrong pin and realized only after I pressed the enter,but the ATM proceeded with the transaction and gave me the cash anyway. I was surprised so I had to try again,I purposely entered random four numbers,and I got the cash again.

I contacted support and they had no explanation to this,they were questioning if I have really entered the wrong pin so I told them I will try the same today and make a video about it. I am fully conscious and have double checked my pin, and I did made a video about the transaction today and can provide it to the Revolut.

Well I got the money again today,but now there is a new problem. The second time I tried it,it deducted the money from the account,but the cash didn’t come out,neither the receipt did. And the money is not on the account,and not in my hands.

I am curious about the solution to this.


Hi there.

Thank you for your feedback. Let me clarify that there’s no way to use wrong PIN and get cash from an ATM.

In fact, I can see that were entering incorrect PIN (twice). Please note that the app passcode is different from your card pin. Unless you have changed it.

To retrieve your pin, go on the Revolut app --> “My Card” (Android) or “Card” (iPhone) --> “Show My Pin”

Regarding the second point you mention here: The transaction is still pending merchant’s confirmation or reversal. If the merchant doesn’t revert the transaction explicitly, it will be reverted automatically in 7 days. You can expedite the reversal by getting the merchant to send us an email authorising us to reject the payment, along with the authorisation codes.


Hi, let me clarify that I have three times got cash out of an ATM with wrong PIN :smiley: I can send you the video how I am entering wrong PIN and getting the cash anyway,if you can provide me a place to upload it or an email.

To the second point,I have got the transaction reverted and have the money on my account.

But seriously. The two wrong PIN entering that you see is the first two I have tried at different ATM,which did not gave me cash. At that point I didnt realise that I am entering wrong PIN and thought that something is wrong with the ATM,so I moved to a different ATM,where I have entered the same wrong PIN and realised straight after I have pressed enter,that I was entering PIN for a different card. I expected the transaction cancelled,but it wasn’t.

I am not high and I don’t take drugs either,and I like that you are confident about the fact that it is not possible,but I have the video where you can clearly see that I am entering different PIN and getting the cash out. If there is any employee of Revolut anywhere in or close to Cambodia,I will be here for another month so you guys are more than welcome to witness it with your own eyes.


On the other note,I have magnetic strip payments disabled in the app,so even if that ATM would be skimmed,I hope there is no one gaining access to my card details again.


So we just gonna ignore the fact that this in fact is possible? I am really surprised by the reaction and ignorance from Revolut.


Is there any explanation for that? Did someone looked into it? Any solutions? Please don’t be one of those ignorants.


I have accidentally entered the wrong PIN before and didn’t get money from the ATM.