Getting back my money...


I’m currently in South Korea and I was buying a bus ticket to Busan, I managed to buy tickets from one company but from another one it showed that reservation was cancelled but revolut still discounted my money. I tried 2 times but it keep on saying that it failed (I guess that bus company accepts only local card but my then why did revolut still discounted my money?) I even went to bus terminal and over there worker also tried it couple of times and for those times revolut also discounted my money but the worker said that it doesn’t work, only local card works… This way my ~100€ just flew away from my account… How can I get it back?? And I would really like to get it back… My friend called the local company of the bus and they said that there’s no such payment nor reservation but as I said, my money was taken!.. :cry: I would really like to get it back…

First thing to do is if to check if transactions are still pending.

From the FAQs:

What is a pending transaction?

A pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised but is still waiting for the merchant’s confirmation or reversal. Depending on the payment type the merchant has a 7 or 10 day period to either claim or cancel the payment. The funds will be automatically returned to your available balance once the merchant cancels the payment or the 7 or 10 days pass and the merchant does not claim the funds. The longer timeframe (10 days) applies to transactions that involve a deposit or pre-authorisation. For example, things such as hotel reservations, car rentals, TFL, and e-commerce subscriptions.

That’s the thing, it’s not even pending!! I literally payed for nothing!! My money just blew away!!

When you click on it, does it say “completed” in the top? If yes, then talk to the in app chat and start the chargeback process.

Hi there. The transaction is still pending merchant’s confirmation or reversal. If the merchant doesn’t revert the transaction explicitly, it will be reverted automatically in 7 days. You can expedite the reversal by getting the merchant to send us an email authorising us to reject the payment, along with the authorisation codes.