Get to Know our Newest Features 🎉

Hi everyone!

Now you’ve popped the champagne, we’re giving you all the right party-hearty features to drop the resolutions and get the most out of your app. Here’s what January has in store:

Customise your home in a click :tada: : With a clear mind, and a customised in-app home screen, you could perhaps beat the resolution rush. You now have control over how many of your most recent transactions you wish to view :eyes:

New year, new color theme :fire: : Splash those colours on your app (just because its money, doesn’t mean it can’t be cute). Make 2023 a bit more colourful by choosing a color theme for your app.

Bask in that glass-half-full kinda feeling, and stay tuned for upcoming updates. We’ll fill up the other half with ravishing features.

Chop chop! Get your skates on, and let us know if you have customized your app already in the thread below😉


I chose Orange, looks lovely for me :star_struck:


Hi @Remi-1 :wave: ,

Indeed it’s looking lovely buddy. :heart:

SG | Community Team


Sorry, not impressed.

Still no interest rates on saving vaults, although the ECB has raised them once again (and will do so in March). Competitors are not sleeping.

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