Get paid on Upwork - Direct to Local Bank


Title: Get paid on Upwork - Direct to Local Bank (EUR)


Need to know:
I am using Upwork as a freelancer from Hungary.
I would like to send the money directly to Revolut account (rather USD but any one will do).

I want to use this Payment Method:

1. Direct to Local Bank (EUR)

These are not options for me:

2. PayPal (not directly to Revolut account)
3. Payoneer (not directly to Revolut account)
5. Direct to U.S. Bank (USD) (Revolut is not a Local U.S. Bank.)
4. Wire Transfer (USD) (very expensive, 30 USD per withdrawal)
Available Payment Methods on Upwork

These are the available Payment Methods on Upwork:

1. Direct to Local Bank (EUR)
    $0.99 USD per withdrawal
    Deposit to your local bank account in EUR 

2. PayPal
    $2 USD Upwork withdrawal fee
    PayPal may charge additional fees for sending and withdrawing funds.

3. Payoneer
    $2 USD per withdrawal
    Payoneer charges additional fees to withdraw funds.

4. Wire Transfer (USD)
    $30 USD per withdrawal
    Send funds via wire to any bank in USD

5. Direct to U.S. Bank (USD)
    Free payments to U.S. banks
    Deposit to a U.S. bank account in USD

What I tried:

1. Direct to Local Bank (EUR)

I am stuck at the first step.
Site ask for SWIFT Code but does not accepts Revolut's Code.
Additional info below the form field: SWIFT codes are 8 or 11 characters.

I tried both of them: REVOGB21XXX nor REVOGB21
Error message: _Sorry, Local Funds Transfer to this bank is not available_

However if I change GB to HU it turns to green and asks
for Bank details as described in 4. Wire Transfer (USD) below.
4. Wire Transfer (USD)

Upwork does not make it easy, but I could manage to save.
It has been already checked and approved by Upwork very quickly.

It askes for Bank SWIFT Code where REVOGB21 was accepted.
Bank not found
Please check the SWIFT code or enter branch address manually

Then you fill up your personal details and push the Save button.

At that time at the top of the form 3 new fields appear:
(Bank) City and State/Province: LONDON

I found this link about Revolut company details
in one of the Revolut community posts:

What I am asking:

In terms of what I did and what I want to work is:

1. Direct to Local Bank (EUR)

I would ask some help to understand

  • why the REVOGB21 SWIFT Code is not acceptable (not a EU IBAN?)
  • but the GB replaced to HU as REVOHU21 (even other EU countries: ES) is acceptable in this case even if it’s not a valid SWIFT Code? I am aware of REVOHU21 would completely fail when making a payment at Upwork.

I have sent the question to Upwork as well.

Question to Upwork


Why is Revolut not accepted as Payment Method: Direct to Local Bank (EUR)?
I checked at The SWIFT organization offers a lookup service as recommended in the Upwork Help Center:
Search results(1 BICs found). Last update: 4 Jan 2019

They are clearly identifiable! Why it is invalid at Direct to Local Bank (EUR) when typing their SWIFT Code?

[ UPDATE ]: [Get paid on Upwork - Direct to Local Bank](Answer from Upwork.)


Just ignore Upwork, it’s honestly trash. Lots of people on Reddit have mentioned their accounts have been locked without warning and without payment of any money in the account.


You may know another website that is better?


I would suggest building a portfolio, perhaps of past work, and then starting your own shop with word of mouth and by undercutting people. Might be worth opening an LLC or equivalent (GmbH, OÜ et Al) to avoid personal liability, but eh, I’m not a tax advisor.


No idea what that site is but i have a feeling i know what the problem is.

If the payment is in EUR it has to be a SEPA transfer, not SWIFT. On the other hand if the transfer is in USD it has to be in SWIFT.


I can receive SEPA and SWIFT to my EUR account :thinking: so this can’t be correct.

Perhaps not, maybe @palachinta could use TransferWise Borderless to accept the payment with Local USD accounts details, then transfer the money to Revolut.


Ah they changed it now, it used to say in the app only sepa would be accepted.

Then i have no idea why it wont work.

If a transfer is in USD one way or the other it goes via swift, revolut claims to have “landed” in the us a year ago or so but this seems to still be a problem.


Two tabs now, I suppose useful for people with money in Kosovo or that one other place that unilaterally uses the €


Unfortunately I got this from Upwork:

disappointing answer from Upwork

Thank you for contacting Upwork Support. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Unfortunately, Revolut is a Third vendor and is not currently supported on the platform. Disbursements provided by these vendors is not supported at the moment. This is because users would not be able to investigate with the bank if their transfers were to go missing since they don’t own the receiving bank account.

We suggest you use your own bank account and add it as a payment method. Here’s a helpful resource information:

Our Payments team is always looking for ways to work with other Payment processors so Freelancers can get their earnings quickly. If Revolut is added in future, we will notify you with steps to add them.

I hope this clarifies your concern. If you need further assistance or experience any additional issues, please submit a new ticket using this link ( ) and one of my team members will be more than happy to help.

I am very upset right now and I think I should delete my Upwork account.
I had to send this:

answer to Upwork

Sorry that I have to say this to you and it could not even be personal as we don’t know each other as I also don’t know the chatbot, or robot on Upwork’s customer service nor on Revolut’s. I think you understand that, because this is your job, so you are getting this message.

The point of view what you have presented in your message is hurting me an and I feel I am losing an opportunity to be myself a satisfied customer of both Revolut and Upwork because your company discriminate Revolut without any good reason.

I ask you now to answer me please and explain me how was that possible that I added on Upwork as Payment Method the same so called not accepable by Upwork: Revolut account as Wire Transfer (USD) ($30 USD per withdrawal what costs a tonn) and could not add Revolut account as Direct to Local Bank (EUR) ($0.99 USD per withdrawal).
The same SWIFT Code, the same provider.

I think Revolut should have a well deserved place in the Get Paid menu (especially besides PayPal and Payoneer) as their application for a European banking licence has been approved by the European Central Bank.

In my experience with Upwork (prevoiusly known as Elance) and Revolut so far there is a much higher chance of not beeing payed out at Upwork than Revolut losing my money.

Even if invited for an urgent job on Upwork, after work was done and accepted as excellent job, I had got no response from the client to the payment request (sent through Upwork) from the client for almost a week and there was nowhere to go like a physical Upwork customer office here in Hungary you know (That Bank example was not a good one).
Upwork, you are discriminating Revolut but you are in the same shoes. Shame on you.

I think it should be my decision to make if I trust a Third vendor and not Upwork’s. I should have a VISA card or a MASTERCARD card? Do you decide that? F.n not.


Answer of Upwork:

In response to your request, we escalated the ticket to our Payment Processing team for further review. The department confirmed that Revolut is currently not supported yet but we have plans of adding more methods in the future. The Payment Processing Specialist we spoke to, also clarified that Revolut is a digital banking alternative and not an actual bank account. In order for Upwork to transfer funds successfully, we need an actual bank account that belongs to the user personally. While you are able to add it when using Wire, they also clarified to us that since it is not an actual account, even if you may add for now, it may result to rejected or returned withdrawals once they process it.

I understand that this is not the outcome you are hoping to receive. However, if it will suit your needs, there are other alternatives you can choose from such as Paypal ( if supported in your Country ). PayPal transfer is almost immediate or can take about a maximum of 24 hours which is the fastest way to receive your funds, whereas direct to local bank remains to be a popular choice due to its much lesser fee ( only $ 0.99 per transfer ).

Revolut is not a bank surely. This answer makes me clear :weary: that :r: still can’t be an alternative to banks :thinking:

This thread should sink deep where no newcomer can found :zipper_mouth_face:

I hope that EU banking license will turn things around and Revolut will be accepted in the world wide business as company and not just being the company behind a “travellers” card and app.