Get IBAN of transfer

I am currently developing a sync between revolut and our system. We are just fetching payments received, and payments made, to sync with our system.

On transaction type transfer, is there any way to fetch the Beneficiary IBAN and BIC that the transfer was made to - regardless of whether it’s internal or external?

I can see the info when I pull a transaction statement.

If there is no way to do it, is there some way that it can be added to the get-transactions response?


Hi @BirdZizoo, welcome to the community

When you retrieve outgoing payments, you will see the id of the counterparty. You can then retrieve the counterparty which will return the account details. However you will only see IBAN if you created the counterparty with their IBAN.



Thanks for the welcome.

This is bloody brilliant. Not sure how I missed it, but it gives me the exact info that I wanted. Thank you.


It’s great to hear that your issue has been resolved @BirdZizoo. Keep exploring our community. :r:

SG | Community Team