Get excited, Points is live! πŸš€

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Hi Comunity! :wave:

Get excited, Points is live in UK! :rocket:

We’re giving away a whopping Β£250,000 over the next 4 weeks – and you could win it.

Turn everyday actions into Points, just by using Revolut. Each point gives you a chance to win a cash prize every week, so start collecting now.

Team Revolut


Still unclear, or a person who has most of the points will get a weekly top prize :trophy:, or everyone with less points also have chance to pic up :1st_place_medal:? :thinking:

I am trying to get points on a linked account transfer. Linked 2 UK banks, see the transactions, but the transfer on either bank does not work

I am struggling :pensive: to connect Lloyds account, but had no problem with connecting Monzo :relaxed:

Monzo is a new bank, and Lloyds are a established bank . Wonder if this means there is an issue with the older banks. Has anyone told you what the problem is with connecting to Lloyds?

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