Get a Usd transfer for a French based bank account

Hi im new on Revolut,
Im from France and i will travel to USA for a few times so i have several question about it, it would be amazing if someone can help me to understand :blush: :

First, i don’t really understand why i need to have several revolut currency account, i have an euro account, if someone send me money in usd on euro revolut account, is there an automatic convertion or it will just simply not work and so i have to create an usd account ?

. If an american friend want to send me money on my Revolut account how can she do ?
Does she have to create a revolut account and then transfer me the money ?

Or can i just had her card and put that on a revolut usd account ?

What is the limit amount that a friend can transfer to me ?

Thank you so much :grin:

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The USD account is for USD. If you wire USD to your EUR account it will be converted to euro but not at Revolut’s rate but at a rather unfavourable one.

If a friend in the US wants to send you USD he should send those to your USD account (keep in mind though, that is not a local transfer at the moment but a SWIFT one, which comes with additional charges). He could also send it via Revolut, but he would need a Revolut account for that (for which he will need a valid address in the EEA, as US residents cant sign up for Revolut yet).

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it’s specially important to have a USD balance instead of keeping everything on the EUR account to avoid the weekend’s overcharge. on-the-fly exchange is not the wisest.

Hello! I want to get a wire transfer from USA to my Revolut account. I have opened USD account in the application and there is a GB IBAN account. Is that OK? If the anount is more than 10K USD, do I have to send some documents for approval? Thanks.