get a french (or any euro) wage

Hi there.

I’m from France and I’m going to work in the UK for a little while. The thing is that my employer specifically asks me to have a french account to transfert my wage.

I’ve seen you give a euro IBAN but you dont say the country the IBAN will be from.

Do you think it would work?

You’ll get a GB IBAN for your SEPA account at Revolut.
Your employer needs to accept any valid IBAN within the SEPA region.

Search for “IBAN discrimination” and you’ll find what you need to do and where to complain.

If your employer is requiring your bank account to be located in a specific EU/EEA country, then it is breaching Article 9(1) of Regulation (EU) No 260/2012, which states:

A payer making a credit transfer to a payee holding a payment account located within the Union shall not specify the Member State in which that payment account is to be located, provided that the payment account is reachable in accordance with Article 3.

Un payeur qui effectue un virement à un bénéficiaire titulaire d’un compte de paiement situé au sein de l’Union ne précise pas l’État membre dans lequel ce compte de paiement doit être situé, pour autant que le compte de paiement soit accessible conformément à l’article 3.

Its possible your employer tried to set up a “virement” to the UK IBAN and the French bank blocked it because it wasn’t a French IBAN!! Your employer might have to contact their bank. I had to do this with Credit Agricole - simple form.