Germany ATM fees


I seem to get charged at every ATM I go to in Germany.

I get charged a fee for currency change at every single one, what am I doing wrong?


Hey Jonny. Maybe you are saying “yes” to dynamic currency conversion. More information can be found here:



No I’m not saying yes. I pick the local currency if the option is available, but for some reason it just assumes my card is GBP and I can’t change it. My last cash withdrawal of €100 cost €115!


Did you read the blog post? Sometimes they are sneaky.


Yea, i’ve read it before, but I didn’t even get the option on the last ATM I used, it’s so weird.


Okay. Then it is clear it is a problem with the atm and not with Revolut :slight_smile:


I go to Germany in Regensburg in December. I will receive my salary from Romania when i will be there (in Regensburg) wich ATM from wich bank to choose ? From less fee to pay


Pretty much all German banks charge an extra fee if you use their ATMs and are not actually a customer of that bank. It should clearly state what it will cost either during the transaction (before you finish it) or on a sign somewhere next to the ATM.


Hi all,

I’m a new customers and I live in Germany. I woudl like to know what is the status of withdrawal fees in Germany. Which ATMs are NOT charging any fee when using Revolut Mastercard ? Which ATMs are SURELY charging fees when withdrawing ?

Thanks for your help.