Germany, Aldi Nord supermarket, not accepted


Hi there,

maybe someone can confirm or give a hint, but for me it seems that Aldi Nord does not accept the card.
I can see a reverted payment in my account, so should it work or is it expected not to work for Aldi Nord?

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Hi @Frozenbird, Aldi Nord supports the card just fine, I use it regularly. I suggest to ask support about the specific payment that was reverted.


Good to know, tnaks for the quick answer, I will give it another try today


Remember that contactless only works with a new card if one has made a chip + PIN transaction before.


Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

Are you referring to the card payment that was made on 2017-10-25?


Yes, I exactly this one


and, are there any suggestions from Revolt?