German Umlaut handling


Hi there,

I recently joined Revolut but now found out, that the backend systems does not handle german umlaute (ä,ö,ü) correctly.
Currently it does ä -> a; ö -> o; ü -> u, the correct behaviour is ä -> ae and so on.

Could you please fix this in your backend?



It’s definitely a good Idea and I have the same problem but it’s not really necessary since all my bank transfers etc. still arrive even with a “ö” in my name.

It still would be a nice improvement :smiley:


Same here. My last name included ö and my cards say o. :man_shrugging:t3:
I never had problems but it would be great if I could avoid hassle.


@Kastello I haven’t see this. Furthermore was the issued CC wrong.

Therefore I would like to see this fixed. As other Banks are doing it correctly.