German translation of the "Vaults" features

I think the “Vaults” feature needs some refinements concerning the German translation of the app. For example the “Speichern” button should rather be called “Sparen”.
Also not all screens of the introduction explaining the feature are translated to German.

Hi @Manaburner,

Danke für dein Feedback. Ich hab’s überarbeitet und es sollte jetzt besser klingen.



Nice thank you Val :slight_smile:

I don’t know how the current translation is but I have to disagree on your suggestion here. The right translation would be “einen neuen Vault”. That is the only way how this sounds right.

Well. When non-German terms slip into German language, there are a couple of ways how they are typically incorporated into grammar. Two popular options are: to refer to the actual German literal translation. Another option would be to look at similar words, that sound or „feel“ similar.

Here, I suggested the first option. Vault would be „Gewölbe“. Now build a German sentence with „das Gewölbe“ and just replace the German noun with Vault. So in case Vault would be neuter, neither male or female, borrowing the article and from its literal German translation, „ein neues“ is correct. „Einen neuen“ would make Vault male.

Yes, that is correct. Vault is male.

In this case Vault clearly translates to “der Tresorraum” or “der Tresor” (which actually makes a lot more sense than “Gewölbe”) making “der Vault” or in this case “einen neuen Vault” the right translation. translates vault [FINAN.] to “der Tresor” and vault [ARCH.][CONSTR.] to “das Gewölbe”.

I think we both can agree that in this case it is about money, so the vault [FINAN.] makes sense (even the icon in the :r: App on the Phone shows a “Tresor”) - plus it just sounds right for me.

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Absolutely. “Gewölbe” is wrong here. Correct translations are “Tresor”, “Tresorraum”, and by extension “Geldschrank”, “Safe”. All male.

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I am aware of this, ethymology still goes back to Gewölbe. The whole point of my suggestion was to avoid the assignment to a sex altogether.

(I am not interested in picking up this year old thread again. So I just leave it at that. :wave: )

Why? It’s part of the German language so why try to remove it. Leave the language alone. :grin:

But we don’t have to agree on that subject. We both stated our opinions and that’s good enough. That is how good conversations work. :wink: :wave:

See: at the point I was providing feedback to Revolut, they had a faulty translation. They fixed it. Just not the way I would have liked it. Case closed.

(This is not a forum for linguists, after all.)

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