German euro salary into a UK issued Revolut card

My son has a UK issued Revolut card and in september moves to germany for an industry placement for 6 months or so.

two questions:

Can he successfully get his german employer to pay his salary into his Revolut IBAN account? His Revolut IBAN is british bank based with a code like this
GB25 REVO 0099 9999 9999 99

Will a revolut account be a “good enough” bank account instead of a local german bank?

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Hello, yes your son can provide the LOCAL ( ie. Not SWIFT ) IBAN for his salary.

I think :r: is enough in Germany, personaly I use :r: as my daily bank in France.

I’d say the answer depends on the employer…
Better to ask the new boss if a GB-IBAN will be accepted or not… Theoretically, it should work as this was the idea behind SEPA and IBAN, then again: germans, since 2008, arranged a lot of changes to the system preventing tax evasion aso - what led to many rule-sets like “we only pay to accounts from our own country”… (edit: companys saying this - to prevent trouble with the new rules)

IF that should be the case: tell your son to check out N26 and request an account there from his german address…