German debit card topup

I live in Germany and travel quite a bit, so the Revolut card really helps me a bunch avoiding the random bank charges even when travelling within the euro-zone. The only slight niggle is that because Germany is a little bit behind on the banking technology, a transfer to the Revolut account takes 3 days to get in there. Is it possible to add the ability to top up with debit cards (debit cards issued in Germany don’t have a PAN on them, they have essentially account number and sort code and IBAN/BIC) rather than having to do the long winded way ?

German domestic system debit cards (girocard) do have a PAN.

For girocard/Maestro it is 672 + 5 digit Bundesbank identifier + 10 digit account number + 1 Luhn check digit.
For girocard/V PAY it is 482 + 5 digit Bundesbank identifier + 10 digit account number + 1 Luhn check digit.

But this information is of no use to you as German debit cards don’t have a CVC2 and they still have an individual issue number (Kartenfolgenummer) much like Switch cards in the UK did. German domestic system debit cards never supported genuine (authorised, guaranteed) card not present payments, only direct debit but direct debit can always be cancelled which would be too much of a risk for Revolut.

Use N26 Debit MasterCard or Consorsbank Visa Debit for topups, these cards are issued by German banks and supported by Revolut. Consorsbank really aren’t bad and I have my German current and share dealing accounts with them.

Hi Fassbrause. Danke for your answer. The thing is that, when topping up with a N26 debit card, I’m charged a fee, which I think isn’t applied in your case. With other debit cards I’m not charged any fee at all. Could to please confirm if you’re charged any fee with your N26 debit card? Danke nochmals.