Generation of e--card (virtual card)


Yes, e-cards are a really great way to protect your account! :slight_smile:
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great minds… :wink:
thanks for the other posts !
I use an e-card every time I can ; if it could be combined with the “feelessness” of Revolut, it would be awesome !



Me too with my french main bank… and I hope so it’ll be fee-less (even though like my current bank it will not be a pain to pay 8EUR/year for it)! :smiley:

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would love to see multiple cards, too.

usage: Sometimes I know that I want to pay something, but I don’t know when exactly the charge will be made (example: Uber). For this I´d love to have an unblocked card which I only provide to few merchants. Or could it be arranged to only allow specific merchants?

The “usual” card would then “usually” be blocked, “unblocked” just before usage and re-blocked just after usage; while the other card could be provided to specific merchants where the blocking-strategy won’t work.


See for inspiration. They allow to generate a separate virtual card for each merchant, with their own limits.


that’s the spirit !
very cool feature !


In Portugal, most of Banks offer a service called “MBnet”, which is a way to generate a “temporary” card number, with a short expiry period and a certain amount limit.
This service is free and yes, it is great for online purchases.


Yeap, a separate virtual card with a dynamic card number could be a nice addition and would reduce the risk of fraud when making payments on the internet


Does Revolut accept mbnet cards to do the top up?


It does but it will count as a credit card instead of debit card as the virtual cards have the BIN of a credit card


Yes French banks do it too. It’s called Virtualis.


I tried using the French version, Virtualis, for topping up Revolut. It was impossible to verify the card because I couldn’t take a photo of it, so it caused me a lot of trouble and I had to stop doing it :frowning:


In my case it doesn’t accept my mbnet cards, it said that it was unable to do the top up. As to the photo verification it hasn’t asked me to take a picture of the card yet… or maybe it did but I’m such a noob at this haha


-1) Shouldn’t be topping up Revolut with a large number of cards (or re-using/sharing cards with other individuals.), especially if they’re generated every transaction.
-2) Virtual cards are not supported for topping up Revolut.

Regarding topping-up with virtual cards


Yeah that would be great to get a disposable one-time use number for one-off purchases.

Create a poll to show :r: team like @AndreasK that many people want to have this option.


Is there a way to create a poll from within the Revolut forum ?


Seeing this, I suppose it’s possible, although I don’t know how.

Poll : Single-use e-card number generator

found it ! it’s in the options on the far right…

here we go : Poll : Single-use e-card number generator


Great! I just vote YES.


Yes this would be good, just voted Yes too.
As has been mentioned above this is a standard feature provided since many years, for free, by many French banks, and I could read that Portuguese banks offer it too.
It’s very reassuring as you can create a one-transaction virtual card number limited to the exact transaction amount. The card number is useless afterwards with 0 balance.
With Revolut cards not even having an added layer of security like 3D this would be a very useful addition.
It would also be nice to have an extra layer of security like Mastercard 3D, there could perhaps just be a pop-up in the App to verify e-commerce transactions? (I have no idea if this is easy to implement, but it would be cool)