General user feedback



I usually never take the time to provide feedback for anything: service, hotel, app, etc. But I will do here as Revolut is one of the most useful service I encountered lately.

What I love about the service:

  • No fee on instant top up by credit card
  • Being able to hold several currencies in parallel and to exchange between them
  • No annual fee on the card, no payment fee, no withdrawal fee (I find fair usage limits understandable)
  • Being able to make third part payments in the currency I hold

The features that would make me use the service on a daily basis:

  • Being able to hold more currency (in my case SGD would be fantastic)
  • Being able to top up by banking transfer in various countries (currently Revolut has only 1 bank account in the UK so heavy fees can be generated when making transfers from other countries)

Additional features that would be cool to have some day:

  • Being able to hold 2 cards on the account (so it can be used as a joint account with the spouse)
  • Contactless payment such as Apple Pay
  • Having the choice between Visa and MasterCard
  • Having different level of cards (gold, platinum, …) for insurance benefits, etc
  • Getting rewards for usage (ex: getting miles would be amazing)
  • Being able to hold BitCoins


Hi @arnaud,

We would like to say thank you for giving us your feedback. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us - it helps the team understand which features and functionality are most important to you.


Site looks better but on homepage image appears to be broken on chrome browser, can you guys check it.