General questions regarding residency, and card on order



I am currently a resident of the UK, and am a German citizen.

I am looking at moving to New Zealand to live. Can i still keep my Revolut account?and continue to use your services?

I have also ordered the standard Visa card. Are there any policies on the optional name i can give it? i.e. No special characters, no harsh language etc etc

Many thanks


Hi Alex

Thank you for contacting us.

Sure you can. You can give your cards a ‘tag’ to help you remember what they’re for. Please note, the tag will not be printed on your physical RevolutCard.


Hi AndreasK

Thank you for your response.

So that would mean i would update my mail address details to my New Zealand
address if i decide to move there?

I was concerned, as i though that only EU residents can use your services.
Or this requirement is only for initially signing up?

Many thanks,


You’re still an EEA and you have your account verified. However, in order to change the billing address you will need to provide us with a proof of address (in-app chat).


As a German citizen, one does not loose German/EEA residency by moving abroad. :wink: