General issues


Dear all, i will travel to UK next week an i have some questions that i wish to clarify, regarding the usage of my revolut card.

a) Top up limit - how much is my top up limit?

b) Atm cash withdrawals monthly limit - how Revolut controls the 200€ cost free monthly limit? is for 30 day periods? or is calendar days?

b.1) Example can i make 2 cash withdrawals of 200€ each on the 31 of March and on the 1st of April free of charge?

c) Fair usage policy - how much is my free monthly usage to buy on UK shops for example?

d) Every transactions (ATM cash withdrawals/POS purchases) made on the weekends (saturdays and sundays) are charged with an extra fees in UK?

Best regards.


a) Your top up limit will be stated in your app. - under account settings if I remember correctly.

b) Check the FAQ’S but if I remember correctly for recently opened accounts its a rolling monthly period - i.e. Ifyou opened your account today the month runs until 16th April and then resets.

d) What is your base currency? If you are spending in GBP and have to convert funds from another currency over the weekend you will get a pooreer exchange rate than during the week. You can avoid this by converting currency to GBP from your base currency during the week.

All covered in the FAQ’S which you need to carefully read tbh.


Thank you so much Tony P for ur help.
I still have one doubt for d) question. My base currency is EUR, and ur suggestion is to convert my EUR to GBP before the weekends. How can i do that? Can i convert just a % of the balance or i have to convert all the balance of the account?

Best regards


You can convert as much or little as you like - you will then see a separate GBP account (Do they call them wallets?) within the Revolut app. This will then in effect ‘fix’ the exchange rate to that applicable at the time you carry out the exchange - which means you may win or lose compared to simply allowing the app to convert EUR to GBP at the time of actual purchase/ATM withdrawal. The main reason to do so in advance would be to avoid the reduced exchange rate applied at weekends when the markets are closed.


Dear Tony,
one more question, i have two accounts now in the revolut app, one in EUR and another in GBP.

When i use my card (in a purchase or cash withraw) which account (EUR or GBP) will charged?

Thks for ur help.


Have a look at THIS from the FAQ’S

Note particularly that Rev will only deduct from one currency at a time as per final paragraph.