Hi All,

First post here and started using the app only since yesterday so apologises if this question has been answered somewhere else.

I wish to send money to my Indian bank account held in INR. I have set up the INR wallet in Revolut.

I was hoping I can transfer GBP into my Revolut wallet - using a standard UK bank account. Then convert my GBP into INR (using the app exchnage currency feature).

The above, I can do however the next step is where I get stuck.

I now have GBP set up in my GBP wallet. I select Payments (for the transfer) select to bank account, Add new beneficiary. Select to my self. Select India (country) however then it by default selects AED currency. It does not let me pick INR?

Can someone help and let me know if what I am trying to achieve is possible?



Hey @mitzy :slight_smile:

I’m afraid you can’t, based on what I read on the FAQs:



Thanks for the quick reponse. Do you know if it is planned to happen ?



Hey @mitzy :slight_smile:

I’m not from :r: so I’ve got no idea… Perhaps @AndreasK knows if INR bank transfers are planned soon? :blush:


We’re looking into it maybe further down the line.