I have just made two transactions here in Brunei and feel I have been massively ripped off by Revolut. Checking the exchange rate online now I can see that £1.00 is roughly $1.76-78 on average. However, Revolut currently has the dollar under the pound? The two transactions have just cost me double!!

I trust this app to get the best rates, I shouldn’t have to keep checking before I make a purchase to see that Revolut is way below the other exchange rates on the internet.

Any help would greatly be appreciated in this matter.


Can you post a screenshot of the transaction and on which day did it take place?


Same happen to me from chf to bnd,

Any news for the support? That is a total ripoff

Hmm, that is weird. The entire BND rate seems inverted. GBP/BND is right now around 1.76 whereas Revolut gives 0.921