GBP Current Account Not Receiving Funds


I transferred GBP to my personalised account three days ago and nothing has arrived. I noticed on another topic that it can take 5 days - it says international transfers take 1-3 days (my bank is in Jersey) - is it, officially, 3 or 5? I find myself ‘hoping’ that the funds arrive.
Customer support in the app is poor - timeliness and effectiveness are real issues; also, im not sure chat is the best vehicle - it takes longer than talking to someone!?


Hi! I haven’t done any transfers before, but I advise you to wait a little longer. It could also take a little longer now because of the weekend. If anything fails, the money will be transferred back into your account! :smiley:


yes, but how do i make it work? the cards useless without money :frowning:


You could try to top-up with your card. I always do it this way and it’s instant, too! :smiley:


sounds like a good idea!


Do you have the bank transfer confirmation? Could you please send it to me directly via a direct message?


Direct message - to where/what address?


Click on @AndreasK 's profile and then click the “Message” button :smiley:


I cant see a “Message” button on mobile or desktop versions.


It should be right on top of the profile, on desktop and on mobile too! :smiley:


it doesnt show up on my app/desktop. i tried going to messages but there is no new message option, either :frowning:


I just checked your profile and your trust level is “new user”. I think that you need to be a “member” in order to be able to send a DM! You can only wait for now and @AndreasK will message you :relaxed:


I’m a new user so can’t DM, apparently.


I have sent a direct message now @scottydingo78


My funds bounced :frowning: I can’t use my card if I can’t deposit Lucca!


You should try to top-up by card :wink: It’s easier in my opinion and it’s instant too!


Yes, that sounds like the go! But really, it doesn’t instill confidence
when your ‘bank’ gives you an account number that doesn’t work and u spend
time dicking about trying to make it work/work around it. Conventional
banking has a lot wrong with it but this sort of thing just works :wink: Most
ordinary joes won’t tolerate /accept such ambiguity when it comes to their