GBP and spend RON

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1.going in Romania, spend the money they will automatically converted from GBP to RON at the rate on the app. Is this correct?
2.If i convert GBP to RON myself, then use the card it will use the RON which are on the card. Is this correct?
3.I have opned a new RON account as well on the app, that can be used to be toped up directly with RON?

it depends on which currency is your main one. If it is GBP- you’re right

ad. 2
Generally- yes, until you have enough money in your RON wallet

ad. 3

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Do not top-up directly to the RON account if you don’t use a UK GBP card without foreign transaction fees. If you top up with RON it’s the same thing as you would use your bank card directly @POS in Romania. Top-UP with GBP, and make the exchange to RON in the Revolut App.


thanks, I understand.
and if i want to receive money say 100ron, on the app, then converted in gbp then transfer it to my high street bank in gbp. Does that make sense?
that is one reasons of the follow up of my question

Yes. Receive RON, convert to GBP, send to UK bank.

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thank you for the insight