GB IBAN sort code?

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Short question: As you might know, Swiss Revolut users are not able to get a local GBP account from Revolut (since two years!). We just see the same GBxx IBAN from the international tap when we select local. Some companies in the UK don’t accept the format GBxx, they require a sort code and account number.

Can I determine the sort code and account number from the IBAN and use them for a domestic transfer?


GB 01 REVO 4323 3435 4354 56


Sort code: 43-23-34
Account number: 35435456

Is it possible to receive domestic GBP transfers with this “trick”?

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I don’t know how your menu looks like but mine has local details - it’s just not personal and requires the reference #.
If you need a local personal bank account just go the Transferwise route. You probably could derive the details from the IBAN but it’s a risky gamble and not guaranteed to work.

Yes, i was talking about personal unique IBANs

I already use TW, as I looked on their IBAN I have got this idea above (split IBAN to get account number and sort code). Maybe I will try with a very small amount. But anyway thanks :slight_smile:

The sort code for personal GBP account recently changed to 04-00-75 to reflect that they would have to also change your IBAN. Therefore, it’s very unlikely that it works.

Okay, i think i will try it and inform in this topic if it has worked.

Personally, I have a local and personal GBP account because I was living in spain for a short period , so I changed my address to a Spanish one and after I returned the local and personal details were still there - until now.

But I hope that local and personal GBP IBAN will be available for Swiss citizens soon :slight_smile:

For every UK bank, apart from :r:, you can infer the sort code and account number from the Iban, so unless you are certain don’t risk your money.

I’m Bulgarian user and only in GBP currency sub-account there is Local UK Sort code 04-00-75 and personal account number not related to international SWIFT number.
Same for other friends in my country, also same for German friend.

If you create you R account too far away when there was some restrictions did you try contacting support? Or Swiss is a general exception?!

Switzerland is not in the EEA


Hello I wanted to ask about the same issue. How can I retrieve my account number and sort code? I am a Spanish user and I have two accounts on Revolut one in US dollars and another in euros. My friend wants to make a transfer to my account in US dollars but has been unable as her bank is requesting the account number and sort code besides the IBAN and BIC that I have provided. Could you please assist?