Gas stations: make it possible to pay at gas stations that pre-authorize 🚗

This is a trend in the UK. Gas stations are slow with implementing a Visa guideline that pay-at-the-pump stations should pre-authorize before some can get gas. As a reaction to stations failing to update their systems, various banks blocked pumps for debit card customers that do not have an overdraft allowance.

As a prepaid card, it makes sense that Revolut does protect its accounts against negative balances.

But I believe there is no reason to block gas stations in general like they are doing it now. A vast number of gas stations in other countries already do a pre-authorization. They block a certain amount on the card and then allow to spend this on gas. Their terminals are online. And work perfectly fine with other prepaid cards. This is just a very UK centric solution that unnecessarily limits the acceptance of the card for hundreds of thousands of their customers that are used to “modern” self service gas stations for decades now.


I can confirm for you that Revolut does block all pay-at-pump transactions even when they do a pre-authorization as you describe. It makes no sense, but probably has some technical reason as they can’t distinguish between those types of transactions and just block the type completely.


Doesn’t the article I linked suggest otherwise? From this table, it seems only Santander also blocks all pumps while other issuers only block the not updated ones that do not pre-authorize. So it should be possible to distinguish between them, in principle.


I don’t know the technical details and whether this behaves the same everywhere with this payment type, so I assume they have a good reason, considering they found it important enough to only block this specific type of transaction and to even send you a push notification saying “Pay inside”… which kind of works, in case there is an inside and you’re not at a fully-automated pump station without any attendant.

Well, this is the ideas section and the suggestion is that they make their card more useful for many of their consumers by addressing this. They are already limiting their card to online use, it’s not working on a plane for example, which is a different discussion.

So my idea is that they are going to improve their product and whatever is necessary to be on par with the majority of UK banks and competing prepaid card issuers here so that the card can be used for gas pumps that offer pre-authorization. :wink:


Where in the UK would you find a “gas station”? Are you referring to buying liquefied petroleum gas at petrol stations?


I think is time for revolut to fix this issue, every prepaid MasterCard i have from several issuers (Payonner , transferwise and more) is fully compatible with pre-authorize gas stations.


N26 card is compatible too.

Revolut is the only card I know that don’t allow payments at the pump. It’s indeed pretty annoying.

N26 is a debit card, not prepaid, though. It allows offline payments. I understand that Revolut doesn’t allow offline authorizations, but many gas stations are online terminals now that preauthorize. There is zero risk.

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I preauthorised gas/petrol with Revolut in the USA earlier this month, and used Revolut on flights. In fact Revolut saved my sanity on this trip I would have been really stuck without it. The only place where Revolut-via-Google-Pay worked though was McDonalds everywhere else just forget it. Also weird was chip-n-PIN without the PIN, just put card in slot get debited. I thought that was impossible.

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Both payoneer as well as TW are debit cards…

TW for sure. Didn’t renewed my payoneer but the last one I had in 2013 was a debit card.

Also N26 is also debit.

It looks pretty much prepaid to me.

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You should put a banner over the numbers. It wouldn’t be hard to guess the rest with so many numbers and the CVV showing. For your own security


Okay, back to topic.

I can imagine this:

Visa proposed a while back that all gas (for our UK readers: petrol) pumps should have implemented proper pre-ahtuorization by now. Some providers haven’t done this yet. Since some form of unauthorized payment settlement is possible even with cards that are configured for online authorization only, Revolut might have blocked the merchant code to make sure this doesn’t happen with UK petrol pumps (that might be configured this way).

If payment at an unmanned gas station in the US was possible, it might be due to a different merchant code or due to a change in Revolut’s configuration.

@Funn3r, mind sharing the airline? I am curious.


It was an internal USA American Airlines flight.

I remember a couple of years ago not being able to use Revolut on a BA European flight so I stopped trying. November 2017 though I was on Polish LOT airlines London-Warsaw and they only accepted US Dollars or Euros cash, which I thought was weird but hey. Having neither but wanting to spend 5 zloty on a can of pepsi I tried Revolut and it was no problem. Since then I have always paid with Revolut on flights.


Some airlines uses “Card not present”. Which saves the transaction on the machine until it is online again. And then do the transaction online. So it is delayed really. But yeah it does count as offline.

Yes, I can see that for US airlines. All European airlines where I used cards lately used chip + PIN.

Norwegian does the same. There I used a pin and chip too. However it took 5 days before the transaction was done (assuming that was when they offloaded the card machine)

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Yes, that sounds like a typical offline chip / PIN transaction.

I went to Gas station in France last week-end in the night, not possible with Revolut, TW accepted.

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