Gas station pump wants zip code!

Travelling in the US and using a Revolut card for the first time rather than carrying wads of dollars and suffering the awful exchange rate on bank cards I have had almost 100% success with it.

However, trying to fill up with gas at an automated pump stumped both the card and the gas station attendant as it wanted a zip code… Being a resident of the UK this is something I don’t have and my postcode is alphanumeric not just numeric so that won’t work.

Perhaps there’s some special code that Revolut card users could have access to??

Problem resolved with cash but clearly this can’t be an isolated issue.

Anyone got a solution?

You can try 5 nines or just make one up.

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Tried 000000 and it didn’t like it but the help desk also came up with the
9s so will try that next time. Many thanks for the tip.

The zip code should be 99999, let us know


Thanks, another user got to us with that but it would have failed anyway as it turns out their card merchant was not supported anyway.



Ok thank you for letting me know @henryb.

I guess they don’t accept prepaid cards or they require to sufficient funds on your card.

not working for me (trying on the humble bundle platform

I have the same issue.
The site asks for an address during checkout.
I tries the zip code from my profile, tried 0000, 00000, 99999, 999999 and so on, nothing works, I get the error: “Card and postcode do not match.”
Obviously I can solve this through paypal or using some other card, but that’s not the point, now is it.