Garmin Pay Support

In Czech as they have online PoS on board of trains I can pay via Revolut.

Is this working for anyone in the UK yet?

Garmin removed Revolut from supported providers in Poland.

It seems that Garmin dropped Revolut support everywhere. Too bad Revolut.

po 3. 6. 2019 v 18:51 odesílatel Dmytro Saviuk via Revolut Community napsal:


In Austria as well! I am very disappointed! Got the whole account balance!

Will only deposit again when Garmin Pay works again with Revolut in Austria.

How is it Revolut’s fault when Garmin drops support? :rofl:

Because Revolut only made this available to a select few on beta. Garmin could not keep on having it on the list of participating banks when it did not work for 90% of users.

I do not care whose fault it is.
I only took the Mastercard because of Garmin Pay. It was funky until yesterday.

I can hardly believe it! Yesterday the Revolut Mastercard enabled me to activate my Forerunner 645 again. Even to pay with the Garmin worked today smoothly!

Now I have again loaded money on my Revolut account!

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Oeoeoe! I’m pleased for announce that I configure Revolut on Vivoactive 3 for Garmin pay. It seems that the end of proves. But now no appears how bank in the Garmin web site…

It seems that they retire this for a time… isn’t?

We waiting official announcement!!

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great news, works here as well (Switzerland with Revolut Mastercard BIN of UK)

Hi, I got my new revolution visa card and tried to join the garmin payment but it didn’t work for me.
I don’t know why because my friend’s visa card works with garmin payment.
Can you help me, why doesn’t it work for me?

Revolut canceled my old virtual card, which I had added to Garmin pay without any problem. I received a new virtual card, but it is not possible to add it to Garmin pay, when adding a card Garmin reports "This bank is not yet involved in the Garmin pay service. Don’t forget to check back soon! " …
I don’t understand, the first virtual card was added without problems, the new card can’t be added. The first card started with the numbers 4350, the new card starts with the numbers 4165, can this be the source of the problem? Who has a problem, Garmin or Revolut?
Thanks for the feedback and experience.


Hi, i have the same problem. :frowning: i dont know why…

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Hi I’m having problems adding revolut card to Garmin pay also, I’ve tried with virtual and also with physical debit card

Same here. Added the old Revolut virtual card with no problems but cannot add the new one.

Same problem with my visa card.


Same problem here. Since my debit card was renewed, it does not work anymore with Garmin Pay.
That’s too bad, because it is THE reason why I use Revolut. If it is not fixed soon, I will have to find another bank. :frowning: