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+1 for Garmin Pay:heart_eyes:


Garmin Pay now works with Revolut :slightly_smiling_face: Great work Revolut :+1:


Nice. And again without proper announcement. (same as Google Pay)

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Good!!! It’s great announcement!!

I’ll configure Revolut in Garmin Pay this afternoon and I will test it for payments.

It’s a great notice. Revolut will notice this for all users that it’s on all payment platforms!

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I have problems with activate Revolut in Garmin Pay. They says that the bank is not supported… I try five Times and Google services take one € every time. I wish Revolut works un advance.
The Garmin Pay oficial Page now we can read that Revolut MasterCard is supported.

It still says that “This issuing bank is not yet participating in Garmin Pay. Check back soon!” My Garmin Connect App v4.16.0.17


Note that only MASTERCARD is supported. Visa is not!
I was able to register my Revolut Virtual Mastercard in Garmin Pay, and tried paying with a Vivactive 3 and it worked!
Also note that contactless payment has a per country limit, so above the limit you’ll have to enter the real cards PIN. Since Revolut Virtual card has no PIN it won’t work above the limit. Probably will work with Revolut’s real card, but I have to wait for it to arrive and test.

There is a postal code check. Do you have the same as you enter in Garmin connect in your Revolut profile?

Yes, still can’t add the card

Can someone clarify, who is responsible for the verification code SMS?
I’m not getting it and :r: Support is sending me to Garmin, Garmin support is sending me to my bank (i.e. :r:) Yay! :slight_smile:

Please, add support for Slovakia :frowning:
I receive this message too: "This issuing bank is not yet participating in Garmin Pay. Check back soon!

So I’ve just tested paying above the contactless limit, and the terminal did NOT ask for the card’s PIN. Which is weird… :confused: But it worked nontheless.

just chatted with Revolut Helpdesk. Garmin Pay is still in testing phase and available to some testing customers only. So having Revolut Mastercard does not mean you can start using Garmin Pay right now.


Hi zapata. Is Garmin Pay now working with Revolut MasterCard? I live in Austria btw.

Hello. Revolut Support Team & Revolut & Garmin Pay Users in AUSTRIA,

I’m wondering if Garmin Pay already works with Revolut in AUSTRIA.

The screenshot attached shows that Revolut supports Garmin Pay in Austria.

If so, what kinda MasterCard oder electronic Creditcard from Revolut do I need so I can use this service by Garmin.

Thanks by now.

Unfortunately I cannot answer this question as I don’t have a Garmin watch and I don’t want to spend €200-250 (minimum) just for trying. I’ve already become a Premium user in the hope I can use my :r: MasterCard with Google Pay. It really sucks that some standard users here in :austria: can already use Google Pay with :r:.

Oh okay. I thought that you are also interested in to use Revolut with Garmin Pay.

Anyway Thanks for the reply.

Here someone confirms that it works.

Revolut Mastercard UK still useless with Garmin Pay… Plus I found lately some airlines are NOT accepting prepaid debit card on board… For other stuff card is quite good, so pls make it work with garmin / fitbit… :wink:

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Most don’t. Also restaurants on board of trains …

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