Garmin Pay Support


I would like ask if Revolut can introduce Garmin Pay compatibility with the card. In Europe there are little banks compatible and in UK only comming Danske Bank.
I proved with revolut card but Garmin Pay rejected the configuration. I would like to pay with my Garmin Vivoactive 3 and Fenix paired with revolut card.
If your card be able capable for work with Garmin Pay, every user of UK, Spain, France and where there are Revolut will use Garmin Pay.

I wish Revolut work for introduce Garmin Pay Compatibility.

Thanks for your attention


I would totally like to see this feature.


With recent Garmin products offering Garmin Pay this would have more and more value added!


I’m awaiting too for farming pay in Revolut. I hope they hear to us…


this will be a useful option that will make me use Revolut more and definitely switch to payed account.


+1, an option that every modern card should have.


With introduction of FENIX PLUS watches and being from non US country this would be very, very nice of REVOLUT to do :slight_smile:


+1. I’d really like to see this option for my Garmin Vivoactive 3


Any update about Garmin Pay contactless support?

Staff of Revolut any idea?



+1. I would love to see Garmin pay working with Revolut.


+1 for Garmin Pay. Any news if Revolut is even considering this?

Starling Bank are the only decent UK bank available but I don’t want to join them if Revolut have this “in the pipeline”


Garmin Pay launched in the Netherlands today. With 2 Dutch regular banks and the biggest credit card provider…

Revolut, are you sleeping? We don’t care about XRP.


Absolutely needed!!

Revolut wake up!! With such a good service, this is a MUST


Same here. No banks that supports Garmin Pay in Lithuania, so it would be nice to have a Revolut support.


+1 for this idea. I would say that it is a must if i should start to use Revolut full time.


+1, we don’t have banks that support Garmin Pay in BG.


+1 for Garmin Pay. This is something a modern eMoney App must support.


It just isn’t though now is it? If it was that important to people’s choice of card to use - it would be supported already. I can’t name a person that even has heard of garmin let alone owns a device. Samsung Pay is probably more likely to get added but I still wouldn’t hold my breathe. May we remember they’ve still not added Apple Pay? Much more important than garmin pay.


Garmin Pay launches in :austria: supporting credit cards from a single bank only. Ridiculous! Same s**t like Google/Apple Pay! :r: please give us (android users) Tap&Pay like bunq!


If you have Apple, then Apple Pay is more important for you. I have Garmin, so Garmin Pay is more important to me. I see more and more banks are adopting Garmin Pay and they don’t have Apple Pay yet, so I suppose it is easier to be implemented.