Garmin Pay & Revolut

I use Garmin Pay with my Revolut cards almost exclusively and really like it. However since recently receiving replacement cards the Garmin app reports that Revolut is not yet supported. Anyone solved this problem?


OK, it seems that there is a technical issue with the way the new cards work which means that adding to Garmin Pay will fail. Solution being worked on and awaited.


I‘ve received my new Revolut Visa yesterday and have the same issue.

I hope Revolut / Garmin will fix it soon.

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Update: My new Revolut Mastercard works. New Revolut Visa still doesn’t work.

Has anybody managed to add a Revolut Visa virtual card to Garmin Pay? I’m getting the same error all the time; that the issuing bank is not yet participating and to check back soon!

A tad annoying to be honest…

Yes I got my revolut virtual card to work with my garmin watch by adding a new virtual card which was Mastercard and that worked.


I’ve tried as well with my recently received physical card as also with a virtual, but with both nothing is happening. In the Garmin Connect application → Garmin Pay , both card are waiting for an authorization code , which should be sent to my mobile, but I don’t receive any codes… :frowning:

I tried again a couple of weeks ago and they seem to have resolved the problem. Not sure who was at fault but try now, should work (adding VISA).

Thanks for the info. I’ve been waiting for them to inform me. Just added my VISA card and paid for a beer with my watch. 10/10 for Community, 0/10 for Revolut Customer Service.