Gamified accomplishments & stats


This forum software, while I still find it a bit odd after phpBB, vBulletin and the like, is pretty neat, and it even gives me these silly :slight_smile: accomplishments when I do something major, like quote a post for the first time, or do some other forum action. Which gave me an idea… that Revolut could gamify the App a bit, so that it would give you messages like:

  • “You are the very first person to use our card in Twnkulele, Zirambia. Congrats!”
  • “You’ve bought more sushi with Revolut in London than anyone else in January. Congrats!”
  • “You’re the most regular customer in The Tipsy Moth, for which we award you the Mayor icon. Congrats!”
  • “You’ve accomplished Visited-All-Three-Baltic-Countries achievement. Congrats!”


And also regarding this excellent post:

I would like to see more of that. Revolut has A LOT of really cool data it could do wonderful stuff with. For example, it can produce very good stats about cost of living in a city. It could provide them aggregated on a page for each city. Things like:

  • Average price of taxi ride in [city]
  • Average meal cost in [city]
  • Average accommodation cost in [city]
  • Average amount spent by a tourist per day in [city]

So before going to say, Berlin, you look it up on Revolut to see how much people spend there (clearly with the understanding that this is all based on Revolut card usage only. But it will converge towards reality as more people use the card, and for the biggest cities I bet it’s pretty accurate even now).

The app could also suggest stuff, make lists like “The top five pubs in [city] as visited by Revolut users”, etc, etc.

The possibilities are endless, and we are all suckers for gratification, even in form of an icon or message. It would help distinguish Revolut from the competition, make the card more useful and also more personal and unique. Adoption is already growing at a great rate so the effect on adoption is not important, but would be positive, even if small.


At the very least hire somebody to do stats full time. We deserve it, and I know that you can afford it, because you bragged recently about reaching profitability :stuck_out_tongue:


This is indeed a very interesting idea and a great future to have. R is already storing this info, is a matter of sorting it out and displaying it when relevant.