Game over - push notification

Today I got push notification from R with title
Game over!
You missed the deadline, but more games are coming soon!

^ Sorry, but I’m a bit clueless what you (Revolut) meant by that ???

Only by “joystick” icon in front of title I can guess that its regarding “unlocking metal for for free” (by inviting 5 friends) as same icon was used in e-mail I got from Revolut some time ago.

My suggestion - next time be more specific in push notifications.
I dont perceive inviting friends as a “game” anyway.


Does anyone know what to do to have this unlock free metal card opportunity?
I already invited like 4 friends (when there was no reward for inviting) and I didnt even get this pop up “game” and I cant see any invite 5 friends to unlock metal card option in app. My other friends have this option in app. Little confusing. This promo isnt for everyone?

No idea. Might be totally random thing. It’s Revolut :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I received this same notification today.

Revolut - this refer a friend offer (or “game”, as mentioned here) comes as too little too late. I have been using Revolut for over a year and have referred many people in the past to Revolut, yet this “game” did not apply when I referred people to you at the time.

When will you offer incentives such as the free Metal subscription to loyal Revolut customers (not just the ones that refer 5 friends within 5 days)? E.g. You could be offering this same incentive to customers who have been with you for x amount of time, or who have x amount of funds in their Revolut account. I think this would be a great way for you to show that you value loyal Revolut customers (not just users who refer 5 friends within 5 days).


Let me tell you what happened to me…
6 moths user, average of 1000$/month on traveling, many referrals in the past.

Got the push, invited 5 friends.
All of the friends topped up their accounts, and ordered their cards.
All of them verified their identities.

Game over.
Nothing happened.

Chatted with support.
Told me that one of the referrals didn’t ordered the card.
He received it, so he did order it.
In fact, all of them received their cards.

The real problem was that for one of the referrals, the verification didn’t go smooth.
It took several days, so obviously, it passed the 5 day period of the contest.

It’s not my problem that a verification takes 10min for some, and 3 days for other.

Not the fact that I didn’t receive the free metal bothered me, but that the support lied to me, telling me that in fact one of the referrals didn’t order the card, witch obviously was a lie, taking in count that everyone received it.

Anyways, not cool :slight_smile:
Keep it real next time if you want your customers to stick with you :slight_smile: