FYI: not accepted at Gas stations in Ontario

imageHi there,

Tried to put some gas in the car with well enough money on the Revolut card to cover the transaction and it declined it 3 times. I used Monzo and it worked. I have attached an image of the 3 declined transactions. As you can see I was well below my £47 limit. I hate to say it, but Monzo is beating you when it comes to acceptance when traveling. I brought both to see the rates side by side and the exchange was comparable but the Revolut isn’t accepted at gas stations and we had issues with it at a restaurant in Toronto. Can someone explain what happened? Thanks.image|281x500

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Hi! Was it an unmanned gas station or did you try to pay inside? Keep in mind that as the Revolut card is a prepaid one, it won’t work on POS terminals that are offline, such as the ones in unmanned gas stations or airplanes. If this is not the case, you could try disabling Location-based security from Cards > Security :slight_smile:

The message on the transaction is pretty clear, automated gas stations are not supported.

It wasn’t “unmanned”, it had an attendant but I wanted to pay outside at the pump. Why aren’t at pump payments allowed?

That’s great but that doesn’t answer my question why they aren’t supported. I can clearly read that it was rejected. I’m asking for a reason for this when other cards are accepted. If this is a card used for worldwide travel - paying at the pump when you rent a car should be standard. Thanks.

I mean no offence, but you can find your answer by using the Internet how it was intended to - looking for information before posting redundant questions :slight_smile:

Check out the myriads of community posts to find your answer:

Or read that article, probably:

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Hi Sasha,

I was initially posting this as an FYI to people traveling to Canada, and also thought to ask a question. I’m very new to the card and the forum so I didn’t know about this being an ongoing problem.

Your remark may not have been intended to be rude, but it came across as snarky, so I responded in kind. I could’ve looked it up on the internet, but I thought that this was what the forum was for - to ask other users questions, not to be made to feel like an idiot for asking. I’m sorry if this has been asked before. I’ll make sure to look for an answer before asking next time.

Thank you for the link - I do appreciate that.


So to basically sum it up: ‘International’ cards do have big trouble with ‘Pay At The Pump’ functionality in North America; not limited to Ontario, Canada.
I am yet to see a non-US/Canada issued card work at the US gas stations.

Reason: Technical incompatibility for the most part.

Good news: USA is about to start a process of replacing pump card modules with classic chip&PIN to support a standard technical scheme for payment, so usual compatibility with international cards is expected.

The deadline to accomplish the upgrade from card industry has been set to Oct2020, but how this will pay out- nobody knows, we’ll see.

Monzo and :r: inevitably get compared but in reality are totally different products.

The actually monzo card looks like a kid’s product for entering in the world of shopping, I’m ashamed to use it publicly.

I would like to try Monzo, but since they are UK only - no way for me.

@revofan Any chip and pin (or contactless) card should work fine in Canada as we have the same pay at pump system that Europe has. American cards sometimes don’t work in Canadian pumps (with the exception of US Amex cards that generally work in Canadian pumps). Revolut is just annoying and blocks perfectly secure chip and pin transactions. Some non-US cards work at American pumps (With Canadian and UK cards, you can usually just take out the letters, use the numbers and pad it with 0s to make 5 digits, I.e. T1D 8E1 would turn in 18100 on the US pump).