FX Transactions limit not resetting


I’ve recently joined Revolut to manage a group trip to New Zealand and I am looking forward to using it abroad. As I am the main organiser, I have been using Revolut to book lots of activities in NZD. This meant that I have consumed my monthly £5000 FX Transactions limit already booking up these group activities. As it is monthly, I expected my limits to be reset either at the end of the month or gradually given back to me as my FX transactions are over a month old. Unfortunately, both of these dates have passed and my limits have not been reset. Is this a bug? How can I get this reset? I’m supposed to be leaving for New Zealand soon and I will be gutted if I get charged extra as a result!

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Monthly limits reset either on: 1) Day you subscribe to :R: Premium, or 2) Day that you opened your :R: account.

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Can somebody help me . My Fx do not reset for 3 mounts now

we can’t. you have to get in touch with support