Funds verification and English translations


The screenshot at Need to make a large Euro payment from GBP states that provided documents have to be in English.

What does this actually apply to? If funds originate from a salary for example, Revolut would require payslips. If it comes from savings, it would be account statements and - possibly - the original source of the funds. Do all of these types of documents require a translated version? If so, would it need to be notarised as well or what kind of translation would suffice?

Thanks for any insight @AndreasK


Hmm :slight_smile:



I just uploaded mine in Norwegian. No problem. Or they just accepted since they couldn’t read it :grinning:


Thanks, but exactly when they cant read it I’d expect a request for a translation - at least that is what I understood from that response.


That could be the reason why mine was accepted as well.


That would imply they understand Norwegian.


We are able to translate it :slight_smile: We’re heroes!


Sure, Google translate :+1: but I’m a happy user.


Nuh! We are better than Google translate.


Translate what though? Mario said it is supposed to be in English.


Strange. As we accept documents from different countries. I will check this for you.


What’s that “twentytwenty” supposed to mean? You write that a lot :wink:

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No, seriously, its to avoid the twenty character limit