Funds Stuck "Pending"

Hi there.

I signed up with Revolut partially because of the conversion fees after being massively stung by my bank.

I did a small SEPA EUR transfer from Coinbase to test which went through no probs, so did a larger one, but that has been stuck as “pending” for days now. I’ve done the verify source of funds thing but I’m waiting and no response from support yet.

Anything I can do? Am a bit nervous about a decent chunk of money being stuck in pending limbo.


Search this forum, there are dozens of folk who have problems with Coinbase, maybe one of the responses can help you?

Thanks - I have done, but most of those are to do with the funds not arriving.

The ones about verification usually end with someone from support saying “I’ll take a look” which I’m hoping is more likely to help than trying to deal with that support chat bot.

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Hey did you get your money? Same situation. Money stuck… It’s just a matter of being above their £4000 top up limit. It’s lame its stuck in limbo

Mines been pending weeks, not getting anywhere… Please advise

Hey @ScroogeMcDuck

If you don’t find that lovely robot amusing, you can always say live agent and she’ll transfer you to one :wink:

However, I’d recommend you and @Marvin1234 getting in touch with :r: through Twitter, as it’s usually the fastest way to get this sorted out:

Hiya. Yes I provided proof of my initial buys (a much smaller amount, some 4 or 5 years ago) and the funds unstuck.

It was well above the £4k top up limit.

Well done, guess you don’t have to be such a scrooge anymore.