Funds not arriving in my wallet

So I sent hundreds of euros to my wallet past Friday (Feb 2), and as of today the money still hasn’t reached my wallet. It was a SEPA transaction. I’m starting to freak out because I’m traveling abroad in three days and wanted to use revolut to exchange foreign currency. I’m afraid I won’t see my money any time soon and have no idea what to do. Is there any way I can reach their support? I really feel like I’m getting scammed at this point…

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Same experience for many other costumers,
Revolut doesn´t help here at all…

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Wow this can’t be good… can my bank do something to get my money back?

You might want to search this forum for a recent glitch in a database concerning the BIC that is deprived from the IBAN used for EUR SEPA transfers… You can find out how to check if you are affected by this.

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Yeah my bank’s transfer system doesn’t even have an optional BIC input. I went to them and the lady was clearly clueless and told me that the BIC is not used anymore. I can’t see the BIC that was used anywhere… Can’t do anything at this point…

And just WTF? Revolut’s “support” is beyond ridiculous. Why can’t anyone address this issue and tell us what is happening? How the hell do they expect from me to continue using their service after this shitshow?